Help with Filters in simPRO


The Filter tools in simPRO are designed to help organise your information and make it easier to find.

Custom Fields


There are a number of custom fields that can be established within simPRO and set up, where required, to provide additional information.

Custom fields, unlike Tags, are not a reportable element of simPRO and therefore they should be used for prompting additional information or to list key details which do not fit into a regular list.

Tags (Customer & Project)


Tags are one of simPRO’s reporting filters – a simPRO centric reporting tool. For jobs it allows for greater reporting flexibility in regards to the types of jobs being conducted. For customer centric tagging, this is to help you understand where your customers may have come from, allowing marketing analysis.

Utilisation of Tags by staff can be a sticking point if it is not made clear as part of a job process, or they are not prompted by a mandatory Custom Field to add in Project Tags. Customer Tags can be made mandatory because of their use for customer identification.

Solvere would suggest that procedures be routinely checked to ensure this function is being utilised appropriately.

Using emojis is a great way of highlighting a Tag, especially in the customer list view.

A quick review of the Tags may be required to ensure you are getting what is needed out of this functionality. They can provide more detailed breakdowns beyond the cost centre level, and this should be considered for more granular reporting.

Notifications & Tasks


Notifications and Tasks in simPRO are automation processes designed to inform customers and staff of outstanding items, follow ups and allow for automation on change of status on jobs conducted by your operational team.

These are very useful for ensuring staff compliance for timesheets submission and can be used for functions such as monitoring sales staff/project managers who have (or have not) followed up a quote to a potential client. 

Workflows can become very important when dealing with a broad range of staff on a job.

Solvere can discuss ways to bring in some automation to tasks to ensure they are completed.

Teams & Zones

Teams are being used to schedule out certain teams of staff and this is a smart approach. Some service businesses will use assigned vehicles and combination of staff determine the team.

Zones are for geographical zoning of clients and potential work. Some larger service companies will use Zones to have only staff located with a certain zone respond to work requests etc. It can be very economical for businesses who are covering large regional areas.


Scripts in simPRO are automated blocks of text or detail which can be used for jobs, emails, leads and other items.

If your business is sending correspondence to customers and suppliers, this can ensure that the communication conforms with your business branding, terms and conditions.

It would be recommended that there is a routine update of these items in case of redundant items or changes in policy.

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