A Tradesman needs the right tools for a great business.
At Solvere, we help the owners of Trade Services Businesses gain control and confidence in their numbers.


We look at your job management and cloud accounting systems from a holistic view. We are specialists on Xero, simPRO, AroFlo, Service M8 and can provide you with the best reporting results. We make sure that the systems chosen ‘stack’ to benefit each facet of the business and most importantly result in clean reporting that can provide accurate figures and true and useful analysis.


Whether you have a legacy accounting or ERP system in place that is no longer suitable or you have lost confidence in your job management software, Solvere’s team work with your staff to strategise and adapt. We guide and support your business from reviewing your operational needs through to implementation and ongoing support.


Solvere is able to offer a variety of packages tailored to your business needs. Our highly qualified team can supply cost effective bookkeeping including payroll, super, BAS, IAS and payroll tax processing. We also provide admin support services across cloud systems like simPRO, AroFlo and Service M8.

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Working with Xero:

Xero is a part of everyday life for our staff at Solvere so we know how to use it effectively and efficiently. Whether you are just starting to use Xero cloud accounting software and want to set up to suit your operational requirements or have been using Xero and have lost confidence in your accounts, payroll or reporting, Solvere can help you get the best out of your Xero accounting software.

Working with simPRO:

Solvere approaches simPRO software from an operational accounting perspective and understands industry niches across HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire and security businesses. Our team can help you with a smooth transition to simPRO or if you have areas in simPRO that could be improved, we can review and reengineer it to suit your operations and business needs. We specialise in geeting the best results from your simPRO and Xero integration.

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Working with AroFlo:

Solvere approaches AroFlo from an operational accounting perspective and also understands operational niches across Trade Services Businesses. Our team can help you with day to day entries or review and reengineer it to suit your operations and business reporting needs. We also understand the integration with Xero cloud accounting and other accounting software and can help get the best out of your job management and accounting systems.

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Solvere is an Australian based company that works with clients locally, nationally and abroad.