Maintenance Planner


Maintenance Planner is a simPRO add-on that specifically caters for planning preventative maintenance for your customers assets.

If you have a high volume of asset-centric jobs with lots of service levels, Maintenance Planner could be something to consider as an add on to your simPRO build.

To set up Maintenance Planner and create Maintenance Planner jobs and quotes, it is important to understand the following relationships in your simPRO build.

Customer Assets 


The Customer Assets in Maintenance Planner are different to those in your simPRO build. Customer Assets are the items that your business installs into a customer’s premises and are not assets your business owns.

These assets need to be linked to the customer site and have their own service levels. These service levels can be linked to failure points and recommendations when assigned to an asset type.

Service levels can also be linked to flat rate pre-builds that have a defined charge rate to bill to customers, as well as the preferred technician/s to complete the required works.

 If a customer has chosen to accept a contract for routine maintenance, then all the assets on that premises will be available to the technician allocated to the job to inspect, review and report on.

It allows staff (administration, sales & technicians) to understand the location of items, the date of installation, details on the installation, brand etc.

It can also provide a sales opportunity for your business if there is equipment which needs replacing on a customer’s site as the knowledge of the location and requirements of the client can be considered.

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