Help with Materials in simPRO


Materials are a key element in your business and getting the costs right in your Job Management software will go a long way to having confidence in the profitability of your jobs. 

Pricing Tiers


These are set up for scaled pricing like flat rate and tiered markup in simPRO. This can be expanded upon if required for other elements of the business and some customers can be allocated with their own markup depending on the situation or contract.

Using scaled pricing is a great way to ration the markup should you require it for a certain job type and or customer. Custom Pricing can be allocated to catalogue groups at the source for customised markups of certain parts or suppliers. 

Purchasing Stages


This is a project centric set up which allows for items to be added to purchase orders when a stage is reached within a project.

Larger projects can be broken down into stages, so that stock purchasing and acquisition occurs when it is required. These can often coincide with progress payments from customers.

Units of Management


This is limited to 3 options in simPRO which need to be set up carefully to manage quantities of items ordered with suppliers.

Solvere would recommend that unit of measurement settings be supplier centric to make the ordering processes as smooth as possible in simPRO.

Inventory Tracking

Solvere recommends that this simPRO feature IS NOT TURNED ON.

Inventory tracking can have detrimental effects on both simPRO and your accounting package if turned on (Xero for example) as it dramatically increases the volume of data moved between the systems.

Using End of Month inventory movement journals is our recommendation to track inventory.

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