Help with simPRO Mobile


simPRO mobile is an app that technicians can download on their smart phones to manage jobs, timesheets and more. It should be noted that while this is a mobile version of simPRO, it does not have all of the functionality of the desktop build.

Mobile Settings


Mobile settings can be managed from the desktop version and should be reviewed to ensure usability for staff in the field is suitable to their workflow requirements.

Staff in the field need to ensure that any issues with the mobile app are addressed to ensure they can correctly complete their work in the field during the day.

Actions like staff logging into the job, finishing it on site, logging their time and travel should be be reviewed as part of their mobile access.

Mobile Security


Mobile Security Groups are designed to limit access to certain features within simPRO mobile and the interaction with the main simPRO database.

It is important that regular checks are made to ensure staff have appropriate access to items within the mobile platform. Equally, those who do not require access to sensitive details are restricted.

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