Help with Workflow Settings in simPRO


simPRO has various workflow settings to improve your workflow efficiency. Here are some features to help control accessibility for staff and streamline your operations.

Security Groups


These allow or deny access to various elements of simPRO depending on the structure of your business. This is particularly important for your approval workflow, because you can decide what staff is able to approve quotes, job cards, invoices and purchase orders.

Status Codes


Status codes in simPRO can be set up in relation to what position leads, quotes, jobs, invoices, and purchase orders are in your workflow.

The system has predefined trigger points, and as you perform certain actions, like emailing a quote or creating a job when materials arrive.

Once you pass one of these trigger points, there is a change in the quote’s status code and colour indicating that it has reached the next step in the job workflow. You can visually see your projects progressing as they are updated by technicians in the field and office staff.

Status codes are also important for the Mobile App and the relationship between simPRO mobile and your desktop version.

If custom workflows are to be utilised to their full extent, then tasks will need to be established to inform of changes, or a detailed process be listed to ensure it is correct.  Automation is far more reliable when this is mapped correctly.

Response Times


Response times are an element of simPRO for service delivery of urgent jobs, either for maintenance or to meet contractual requirements for customers. 

Breakdowns and failures can be linked to response times to ensure that work is carried out to important/integral facilities in contracted time frames.

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