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Plant & Equipment in simPRO & Xero | Xero Bookkeeping Services

What is It?

The implementation process for simPRO within a new business can seem daunting. One of the areas that can often be neglected in this process are the Plant & Equipment lists for your business. Many of these items will also appear in your Fixed Asset Register in Xero.

Bringing a Job Management System such as simPRO online, in conjunction with Xero, creates an opportunity to take stock of your Plant & Equipment utilised by the business. Many clients I have worked with will understand my passion for this often neglected area of both simPRO and Xero and the benefits of addressing it. 

Why Use It?

Plant & Equipment utilisation will allow your company to keep a register of the company owned equipment. In simPRO you do this so that Plant & Equipment can be allocated to staff, contractors and jobs. In Xero your Plant & Equipment can be listed in the Asset Register, where your financial advisor can assist in depreciating your assets and their disposal when required or it can be automated.

Items to Consider 

  • Company Owned Vehicles
  • Specialised Equipment For Your Trade
  • Testing Equipment, Ladders, Toolboxes etc. The List is endless.
  • Company Issued Computers/Tablets/Phones
  • Office Based Equipment
Almost all items purchased by the business being used by staff can be listed and checked out via use of simPRO.

Custom List Items

Creating the lists of your plant & equipment within simPRO requires you to complete the set up of the groups/lists you wish to use and custom fields for each one. This information can be lifted from Xero as they are integral to the set up of the Asset Register.

For Example on a motor vehicle or plant item, you may wish to record the following items:

  • Make, Model & Year
  • Registration
  • VIN

Consulting your team throughout this process will allow you to find common areas of identification for the various categories of items you create. This will help in your processes and procedures when moving to a new cloud stack.

Fixed Asset Register within Xero

Go to Accounting > Fixed Assets > + New Asset

Things like the Asset Number are items which could be a Custom Field in simPRO to help with identification.

Within Plant & Equipment You Can…?

You can Schedule an item or plant to a quote or job. This is especially effective for motorised equipment or specialist items. 

You can Bill the customer for the use of the plant. By setting in rates (Cost & Sell Rates) your business can look to accurately cover the costs. This is part of the Labour Component of a quote or job. You can then assign it under the correct Cost Centre. 

Add Servicing intervals which will add alerts to the system to indicate when a milestone is approaching or reached. 

Never Lose Your Information

You can use Attachments on each item of plant to keep receipts of the purchase, records, schedules, service invoices and other relevant information. This information can & should be added to your asset register in Xero, as well as any payables you require. Solvere would suggest keeping information in both systems to ensure ease of access and visibility. 

You can find more tips on simPRO in our Cost Centres & Financial Reporting and Estimating Blogs.

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