Using Tags Effectively in simPRO

Using Tags Effectively in simPRO | simPRO admin services

Tags are label fields that can be applied in simPRO to Customers and Projects and are a great way to track where your business or job pipeline is coming from.

Customer Tags

To get started with using them effectively in simPRO, it’s a good idea to start with Customer Tags and ask yourself:

  • Who are your regular customers?
  • How did they find you – was it a referral from another customer, someone in your network, Google or other advertising?

You can add as many tags to a customer as you like and the tags you have created are available to filter in most reports. However, to get the best out of reporting and driving your business forward, best practice for Customer Tags is to:

  • Activate the Mandatory option on the set up page
  • Have clear guidelines for use in your workflow
  • Ensure all of your key types of services are mapped

Customer Tags can also work in conjunction with Customer Groups which allow simPRO users to define their markets in more detailed points.

For example, you might want to set a Customer Group for Property Maintenance or Property Management with Tags such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Strata Group
  • Asset Maintenance Provider

This kind of structural hierarchy would allow for some deeper dives into your simPRO reports.

Customer Tags are a reportable simPRO only metric, allowing simPRO users the opportunity to highlight where their new business and repeat business is coming from.

Project Tags

Project Tags will be slightly different as their main objective is to give staff an overview of the type of service being supplied in the project.

For example, you may have a project that includes a mixture of electrical work such as lighting, cabling, and power point fittings. These individual tasks can be set as Tags to help you gauge what tasks your business is being hired to do, and help you plan your Customer Tags to focus marketing and advertising on the most profitable sales funnels.

When setting up your Project Tags, you should also consider your Cost Centres. Project Tags should be an extension of these and complimentary of the type of Cost Centre being used for your jobs.  

Key Points

So the key points for Project Tags are:

  • These go onto Leads, Quotes and Jobs
  • Use these to define the types of tasks required or any specialised requirements
  • They should be an extension/complimentary of the type of Cost Centre being used for the job, rather than a competitor of that cost centre

Successful businesses will take the time to run reports in simPRO and review these to plan future operations. By having an understanding of where your service and project jobs are coming from, and knowing what job tasks are most profitable, will give your business a greater chance of success.  

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